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Dealer Partner Plan


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Sensor-1 Affiliate Program: Just one click away from adding 2,500 parts to your website. Increase your sales without carrying any inventory. Just collect your commission from Sensor-1. A farmer who is surfing your website is only a click away from 2,500 items including Sensor-1, DIckey-john, Kinze etc.. When a farmer uses the Sensor-1 affiliate link you have access to real time data on the statistics of your commission and sales.

● Sensor-1 Web-Link or Custom logo
● Add 2,500 products to your Website.
● Track Orders & Catalog Program
● Dealer Commission
● Farmer Discount
● Track Orders & Commission in Real Time

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Sensor-1 Manufactures & Distributes the following Items:
● Light Bar
● AutoSteer
● Planter & Flow Monitor
● Planter Sensors
● GPS/Radars
● Harnesses for Planters & Sprayers
● Dickey-john Products
● Kinze Sensors
● Connectors