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DICKEY-john is pleased to introduce the GAC 2700-UGMA grain moisture tester.

The GAC 2700-UGMA uses the latest analysis technology (149 MHz) to provide repeatable results. As well as incorporating forward-thinking security improvements, reduced measurement time, a new modern user-interface, and reliability improvements. Which is why we say about the GAC 2700: Our Best Just Got Better.

DICKEY-john® is proud to be part of the Federal Grain Inspection System. Measure with confidence knowing that the GAC 2700-UGMA is an official unit has NTEP and FGIS certification to provide official grain inspection measurement results.

Enhanced Security: Provides you with the ability to customize instrument access to specific employees.

Faster Processing: Rapid Analysis Mode reduces the measurement process time to get trucks moving through your facility.

Improved Usability: Reduces training with an interface and navigation that’s as simple as a smart phone app.

Repeatable Accuracy: GAC 2500-level accuracy provides confidence that you’re making decisions based upon accurate data.

.DJ-GAC2700UGMA | Grain Moisture Tester
.DJ-GAC2700UGMA | Grain Moisture Tester Sale price$7,340.00