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HRPS-WP  High Rate Seed Sensor

  • Accurately monitors seeding rates between 1–135 seeds/sec across multiple seed types for uncompromised accuracy 
  • Ability to distinguish doubles, triples and quad seed drops to maintain accurate population count 
  • Compensates for the effect of wind and dust allowing you to plant on windy days 
  • Utilizes a uniform light field with virtually zero dead zones in the seed tube, eliminating false skips 
  • Field programmable for software improvements and upgrades 
  • Informs operator when adjustments are required to maintain optimum planter performance with per-row data (% Singulation, % Multiples, % Skips, Spacing Quality) when utilizing the IntelliAg Working Set Member 2 (WSMB2) seed singulation module 
  • Uses a 3-Pin Weather Pak connector for direct connection to existing planter row harnessing. 452440891AS1

(03) HRPS-SS
(03) HRPS-SS Sale price$95.00