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Designed to give high performance with 4 flow ranges from 0.05 to 12 L/min. Its totally non metallic wetted components makes this the ideal choice for the metering of aggressive chemicals including ultra-pure water.


  • PVDF or PP body

  • 1- 2% FSD

  • Sapphire bearings

  • Hall Effect sensor

  • Pulse output (NPN Std)

  • Pulse output (PNP Option)

  • 10 Bar rating

  • Viton® seal as standard

  • 8mm and 12mm hose

  • 0.1% Repeatability

  • 4.5 to 24Vdc

  • -25°C Min to 125°C Max

  • IP67

  • NSF Certified for use in food and

    beverage production

(1) Flow Meter Sensors
(1) Flow Meter Sensors Sale price$145.00